The best approach to live a long and healthy life is to be “Proactive” with your health. Making better choices puts you in control of any unforeseen issues and allows you to think and act ahead of foreseen circumstances. Without a doubt an ounce of aversion is worth a pound of cure. Living proactively with your health is much less demanding opposed to trying to repair an illness after it has happened. Living a healthy lifestyle takes more effort and is a little more time consuming, but it is amazing what it will do for your health, energy and longevity.

One of the several risk factors that contribute to cancer is toxin accumulation in the human body. We are exposed to hundreds of different toxins every day. They can be found in the air we breathe, the water we use, improper fluids we drink and the food we devour into our body. Cancer can most likely be avoided through living a healthy proactive lifestyle, which includes consuming the following foods by eating or incorporating them with your daily green juice. Juicing enhances the immune system, forestalls illness and treats a wide assortment of conditions. Primarily, a healthy juicing regimen is the best elective approach to cancer fighting properties, especially from raw fruits and vegetables that contain nutrients rich in Phytochemicals and Antioxidants.

Naturally Proven’s 10 Anti – Cancer Foods

Prevent Cancer Coconut
1. Coconut – Coconut is known to be an all inclusive super food that holds phytochemicals, minerals and vitamins. Coconut contains selenium with an arsenal of antioxidant properties that battles against cancer cells. Fresh coconut juice can also serve you as well with the natural juice at its best nutrients loaded. Coconut can be consumed many different ways; through the use of coconut oil, coconut water, coconut juice and eating the coconut meat.

Some people including doctors (See one of our previous posts) still shy away from coconuts (especially coconut oil) because they think all saturated fats are bad for your health. But studies have shown in recent years that coconut oil has an abundance of health benefits. The Word Health Organization conducted a study of cancer rates in 50 countries and Thailand had the lowest cancer rate. What is interesting about this finding is Thailand is known to consume a high amount of saturated fat because of their high daily consumption of coconut oil.

Prevent Cancer Cabbage
2. Cabbage – Cabbage along with other cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower) has been proven to counteract cancer cells. Cruciferous vegetables top the health research when it comes to fighting cancer because of their remarkable benefits. There were more than 475 studies that inspected the characteristics of this cruciferous vegetable in cancer impediment. The peculiarity of cabbage in cancer prevention is mainly due to the three abundant supplements, found from this broadly pleasurable nourishment that has Rich in cancer prevention agents, Rich in Anti-inflammatory and Rich in Glucosinolates.

Prevent Cancer Broccoli
3. Broccoli – Broccoli is a cruciferous vegetable with anti-cancer properties. The wellspring of supplements, rich in Vitamin C, carotenoids, fiber, calcium, folate and phytochemicals to facilitate cancer prevention properties. Just like other organic produce, Broccoli is best served when it is consumed raw in order to maintain the highest nutritional value. Cooking also decreases some of the advantages of broccoli for the reason that the warming procedure seems to eliminate some anti-cancer substances. A side note to juicing broccoli, because of the high fiber content it may cause gas in some people which can lead to stomach pains and diarrhea. You should start off with a very small amount and work your way up, especially if you have colon problems.

Prevent Cancer Oranges
4. Orange – Oranges have Liminoids that helps battle against cancer cells. It is high in folate and rich in vitamin C which is great against oxidants and offer protection to human cells from damaging free radicals. Likewise, it also helps fortifies white cells to battle against contamination and helps build the immune system.


Prevent Cancer Kale
5. Kale – Kale is the natural way to help stop the mutation of health cells when exposed to carcinogenic units (cancer-causing compounds) in estrogen-touchy tissues. Kale is able to do this because it contains indoles with nitrogen mixes. It also has isothiocyanates and phytochemicals that are thought to oppress cancer development and it blocks cancer causing substances before it reaches to their target cells.


Prevent Cancer Avocados
6. Avocados – Avocados are glutathione rich, capable of cell reinforcement that assaults free radicals in the body by blocking the intestinal ingestion of some fats. It also supplies more potassium than bananas and are solid source of beta carotene.


Prevent Cancer Papaya
7. Papaya – Papayas are broadly utilized as traditional medicine to a wide variety of illnesses particularly in tropical countries. It has been deemed to be one of the healthiest foods. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and has been used for arthritis pain and inflammation; it helps the immune system, protects against heart disease and substantially reduces the risk of a man developing prostate cancer. This fruit has a rich source of supplements like Vitamin C, pro vitamin A carotenoids and folate. From the skin to the pulp to the seeds, it holds a variety of phytochemicals, including lycopene and polyphenols that smooth the progress of anti cancer properties. Papaya extracts can also modify the advancement of a few some cancer disease lines. The papaya fiber can also bind to cancer causing toxins and flushes them away.


Prevent Cancer Berries
8. Berries – All kinds of Berries like Blueberries, Raspberries, Strawberries and Blackberries, has abundant cancer prevention nutrients like Vitamin-C, Fiber, Ellagic Acid, Vitamin-A, Folate and Flavonoids.

Blueberries – Blueberries have the most effective source of antioxidants and anti-cancer properties. They also hold phytochemicals, anthocyanosides a prominent around the most intense cancer prevention agents and resveratrol.

Strawberries – Strawberries also hold a great fountain of cancer prevention agents and folic corrosive, and are magnificent wellsprings of vitamin C, which has been demonstrated to diminishing danger for esophageal disease. One mug of strawberries gives 100% of your day by day proposal of Vitamin C.

Raspberries – The red dark color that appears in raspberries are from flavonoids. These mixes work with fiber to push health and illness anticipation. Ellagic acid, found in raspberries, no doubt examined for against estrogen properties, particularly advantageous for battling certain cancer of the breasts.


Prevent Cancer Kiwifruit
9. Kiwifruit – Kiwifruit holds glutathione that helps diminish cancer development. It has been shown to hold an antimutagenic part, serving to turn away the conversions of genes that may begin the cancer process. Kiwifruit concentrate has found to restrain melanoma, or skin growth and has natural against oxidant, Beta carotene, Lutein holding phytochemical that anticipates lungs and prostate cancer diseases.


Prevent Cancer Lemons
10. Lemons – Lemons are rich in vitamin C containing compounds which may help avoid cancer diseases. It has a rich source of Vitamin E and Vitamin A with antioxidant properties that helps immune system function safe and it protects from free radicals. Lemons also have disease battling compounds known as limonoids, effective at repressing the development of human ovarian malignancy and prompting the death of breast cancer cell.


The Naturally Proactive Juice Recipes

After knowing the Supreme Cancer fighting fruits and vegetables, we may incorporate them with some of our juicing recipes to help prevent cancer.


  • Apple – 2 medium (3″ dia)
  • Pear – 2 medium
  • Celery- 3 stalk, large (11″-12″ long)
  • Orange – (peeled) – 1 fruit (2-5/8″ dia)
  • Sweet Potato – 1 piece of 5″ long

Coco-Tap Juice

  • Coconut (meat only) – 1 medium 397g
  • Oranges – 2 large (3-1/16″ dia) 368g
  • Peaches – 2 medium (2-2/3″ dia) 300g

Berry Nutritious

  • Blueberry – 1 cup 148g
  • Broccoli – 1 stalk 151g
  • Apple – 1 medium (3″ dia) 182g
  • Carrots – 6 large (7-1/4″ to 8-/1/2″ long)
  • Tomato – 1 medium whole (2-3/5″ dia) 123g

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