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Our ultimate goal is to help you live the healthiest and happiest life possible. It is our passion to help people cure their illness without prescription medication (unless medically needed) into healthy alternatives that will help them cure from the underlying issues of their medical problem and in the process to make them feel 10…20…30 years younger.

Aging with health is one of my passions. I had my third child when I was 43. I want to be around for him for a long time and I want those years to be healthy. I also want to keep my parents as healthy as possible and provide them with as much information to live a healthier life. Now that they are of retirement age, I want them to enjoy life and not be stuck in the house. A lot of people in their 60’s and 70’s, finally reach the age where they can retire, most of them are in so much pain and with so many health issues where they can’t really enjoy those retirement days.

Most of the things that I will suggest on NaturallyProven.com, will take some time, effort and expense. Just like Juicing, it takes time to prepare and the cost of fruits and vegetables are continually rising. I will try to provide information on how to save money, if possible. One thing we must keep in mind is the cost of health care and prescription medication is continually rising. In addition, it seems as though when a person starts taking a medication it becomes a snowball effect and they end up taking more and more medication. Here’s something to ponder, does the medication they’re taking for just one simple illness, causes too many side effects? If you heal your illness using the natural methods, it will positively affect other underlying issues.

Here’s some suggestion you can do today that doesn’t require much of your efforts, time and money that creates mental and physical healing just…“Love and Laugh”. Try to watch a child or pet do something funny and laugh even if the laughter isn’t real, just laugh. Eventually, you will begin to find more things that makes you happy and you will feel better. In addition to this, try to also see beauty all around you. When you see the sun rising, look at it and try to “feel” the beauty. Admire people with disabilities, It makes me feel warm inside. If I see a blind or mentally handicapped person learning to ski, it brings a smile to my face and makes me feel warm all over. I hope I would be brave enough to do this if I had a mental or physical handicap. I have so much admiration for them. And lastly, try to feel compassion for people in general. If someone is being reckless on the road or being grouchy to me…I say to myself, ‘Maybe they have something going on in their life that is causing them to act that way’. This allows me not to be mad at them. When you feel mad or upset, it causes so many internal issues, so it’s better to just let it go. Life is too short to hold any anger inside of you. One of my favorite things to do with my toddler is when he is tired or grouchy is to say to him ‘I think you need a hug, you must be (tired, mad, upset). Then I get down on my knees and give him a big hug, sometimes he doesn’t hug back initially, but within a few seconds he is hugging me and life is so much better. And most importantly I don’t have to yell at him for misbehaving.

I will share my personal experiences and the experiences of people around me, to help you make the right decisions to live a long, healthy and fulfilled life.

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