Calamansi or calamondin is a fruit native to Asia.  It has many names; Philippine or golden lime, Panama orange, Chinese orange or is referred to in the Philippines as Lemonsito or kalamansi and is widely cultivated there.  The Calamansi is a tiny orange that taste like a cross between an orange and a lime. It blooms year round in countries like the Phillippines and many other parts of Asia.  These trees can be bought and grown in zones 9-10 in the United States and can grow up to 10 feet high. In the United States most trees are grown as ornamental bonsai trees.  Despite the fact that Calamansi is amongst the most modest citrus fruit, it is a big powerhouse that contributes to our health and well-being. Calamansi is often utilized in my kitchen as an added ingredient to a few recipes.  It is very versatile it can be used on stains, for skin and hair care.  I once had a stain on a white garment and immediately rubbed it on the stain and it disappeared.  Calamansi can additionally be a regular deodorizer and for skin health management, it can likewise be rubbed on the darker areas of your body like elbow, armpit and in the groin areas to make skin lighter.
My favorite thing to use Calamansi for is to make juice.  I had tried making and drinking my Calamansi juice in numerous ways; I’ve tried hot, lukewarm and cold water, I tried adding it with honey or putting it in my tea. Because I wanted something beneficial to my health, I now drink Calamansi juice straight without adding water, honey or natural sweetener. I had discovered that Calamansi is rich in Vitamin C and helps with allergy symptoms. It has definitely helped my morning allergies.  I used to sneeze every morning when I woke up and now I don’t sneeze at all. Other things I discovered about Calamansi is it is a great antioxidant, which helps nourish my skin, and a great immune system booster which  helped a great deal with my over-all health. It is also know to be a great toxin cleaner, boosts digestion and ends the struggle with constipation. I have been struggling with constipation every day and it has totally helped me with this issue. Moreover, Calamansi is an alkalizing food, which helps to balance the acidity levels in my body. I like to wait an hour after drinking my juice before I consume food or liquid to help the nutrients penetrate from the Calamansi juice and allows my body to fully consume the nutrients.
I recently started a Calamansi Detox, each morning when I wake up I squeeze the juice out of Calamansi and drink it on an empty stomach.   I have observed that my immune system is getting better every day.  On Day 1 of the Detox – I squeeze 4pcs of Calamansi, on Day2 I drank 6pcs. of squeezed Calamansi, Day3- 8pcs, I am currently on day 4 and I squeezed 10pcs of Calamansi juice.  I will continue to drink this every morning as my health regimen working up to 28 pieces each morning.
If you live where you can purchase Calamansi or if you are growing an ornamental Calamansi tree, you too could also enjoy the Naturally Proven health benefits of Calamansi.  Calamansi can also be purchased as an essential oil.

Calamansi Juice Health Benefits

Calamansi Juice


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