Drinking organic homemade green juice is a miracle drink. Some people try to buy healthy juices from grocery stores in an attempt to reap the benefits, but green juicing is healthier than any other processed ordinary juices. When we say juice, it comes from a liquid form that naturally contains fruits and vegetables consumed as a beverage, but juice varies in nutritional value based on how it is prepared.

Many commercial juices are often highly processed, filtered and the pulp itself has been extracted. This kind of common processed ordinary fruit juices contains a lot of sugar, preservatives and additives.  High consumption of processed ordinary juice may also lead you to weight gain due to it’s high glucose content and it is often poor in nourishment.  The nutritional value between processed ordinary juices highly differs from Green juicing.

Green juicing consists of mixing fresh raw dark leafy green vegetables, green sprouts and raw fruits extracted through a juicer and not through a blender.  Green juice is packed with dozens of health benefits, best in alternative healing remedies, provides a great natural energy, vitamins, minerals, living enzymes and nutrients.

Health is wealth, so all you need to do is prepare green juice right in your own kitchen. Start living a healthy lifestyle and enjoy the benefits of choosing Green juicing!