Green Juicing can cure your psoriasis. Psoriasis is a chronic condition where your white blood cells (T lymphocytes) become overactive.   T lymphocytes cells normally fight off foreign invaders, but when they become overactive they start attacking healthy cells.  The normal cycle for skin cell turnover is every 4 weeks.  If someone has psoriasis the immune system causes inflammation causing skin turnover every 3 to 4 days. Psoriasis appears to be an external condition, but does more harm internally than you can see.  Chronic internal inflammation can wreak havoc on all your organs.

Several years ago my father was plagued with several health conditions, leaving him in a condition of just waiting for his time to be over.  My father was extraordinary at covering his steady tiredness and torment. In any instance, I did notice what was going on externally.  He lost the greater part of his fingernails and all the skin on his fingertips.  The doctor’s treated him initially for a nail fungal infection. Medications for nail fungal infections are tough due to the potential dangerous side-effects. A few years later, it became worse and the doctors finally diagnosed him with psoriasis and psoriatic arthritis, treating it for a decade.  He was living awkwardly with band aids since he was losing entirety of his skin, fingernails and constant bleeding. The doctors’ had him on medication after medication, throughout a few periods. He was on two medications at once.  Nothing was helping the psoriasis.

One day, my father’s knee gave in, during the time that he was watching my newborn. My father began crying, I haven’t seen him cry too many times in my life.  He was afraid that he might drop my child since his knees were giving out.  At this point he told me that he was so tired that he couldn’t function and just waiting for his time to be over. It totally broke my heart.  He instantly quit taking both of his psoriasis medications in light of the fact that it wasn’t helping his issue and he felt as it was causing too many side-effects.

I was getting quite profound in complementary and natural health remedies. I began exploring different avenues regarding my father. I have tried growing my own organic wheatgrass using organic soil and green juicing every day using my manual juicer.  Manual juicers are good at juicing wheatgrass but it was not fun and time consuming. So I purchased a juicer with an auger or with a twist drill. I upgraded my juicer into this Omega 8005, which does a great job with capable components that can easily extract juice for green juicing, it also does a great job with most fruits and vegetables.  My daily juicing always included wheat-grass and leafy vegetables, so there is no limit into juicing recipes I want to make.

With my vast knowledge of juicing at this time, I suggested to my dad that juicing might help his psoriasis. My father admits that he thought I was crazy when I initially suggested it but he loves me so he agreed. My father started green juicing and noticed a difference in his fingers the first day. He initially did a juicing fast which consisted of drinking juice exclusively for two weeks.  As weeks went by he couldn’t believe how incredible he felt and he started developing skin over his fingertips.  We experimented with juicing recipes incorporating different fruits and vegetables.  The mainstay to keep the psoriasis at bay was spinach.  He tried incorporating all types of green juicing (Kale, asparagus, cabbage, celery) and tried juicing without spinach, instead replacing it with kale, his psoriasis ends up coming back.

A few months into juicing, he headed off to visit my sibling in Florida for 2 weeks and did not juice when he was there.  He noticed his fingertips started tingling and before he departed Florida his fingers began peeling. He ended up losing most of his fingernails once more.  He couldn’t believe it, when he got back home he drank twice the extent that he regularly does and in the long run it was recuperated again. My father said that he will never go without juicing again.

My father does admit that juicing is time consuming, but it’s well worth it.  I have since had him on several alternative health remedies for different health issues. He is now an advocate of alternative health remedies to cure health ailments.  He will prepare several days of green juice for him and my mother.  I’m against him storing the juice, based on all my investigating and reading.  Most books and website advise to drink the juice within 20 minutes after juicing, due to exposure to air that will decrease the nutrients and enzymes.  This concept makes complete sense to me. He prepares his juice for 5-6 days. The only noticeable difference is the juice begins to taste a little bitter.  His argument to juice for several days is justifiable, because if he stops juicing his fingertips will tingle and hurt and the psoriasis begins to return within one day.  If the juice lost all of it important nutrients after 20 minutes, then he would probably feel the psoriasis reoccurring after a couple of days.  I can’t argue with proof.  He creates different juicing recipes, but he always includes spinach.  He stores the juice in glass jars to the top to have minimal exposure to air.  It works for him and since he doesn’t have enough time to make a fresh juice regularly, he makes a tremendous amount of juice so he is guaranteed to have it daily.