Making Juicer from a BlenderI currently can’t afford to purchase a juicer, but I do own a blender and have been experimenting with making homemade fresh fruits and vegetable juices.  If you are in a situation like I am and you have a blender you can start with making smoothies today.  Smoothies are a smart, healthy option next to juicing. I don’t want to just squander my time simply envisioning about how I would carry on a healthy lifestyle. So, I began making my own techniques, pro-creating and re-inventing healthy choices with what I have. Rather than simply drinking instant juice drinks in a can or pop sodas from the convenient stores, wherein its completely stacked with counterfeit flavorings and additives that can trigger sugar levels high and that could gain me an extra weight. Why not to begin by making my own fresh natural juices  at my own home that could help me get in shape, supports my whole system with the right nutrients and a healthier body.

I had tried different varieties of smoothies, with different fruits like adding them with an ice, sugar, peanuts or milk. But as I went through different blending experiences, I realized that though it tastes more delicious to your smoothies, but these added ingredients can also add up more calories. So I decided why not to try making a juice like with the juicer machine without those added ingredients. Since I wanted to lose weight, I had tried eliminating those added flavorings. So I had started creating a juice through using my blender machine with fresh fruits or vegetables alone. Blender can also be a brilliant alternative to juicers. As we know, juicers normally separates the juice from the pulp automatically. While making a juice out of a blender, you can actually have a choice on whether you want to drink your juice with the pulp or without. You can simply do that by straining out the pulp through using a mesh strainer manually. There are also some smooth or mushy fruits that doesn’t need to be strained like watermelon, soursop, grapes, papaya or mangoes. And if your blended juice has thicker consistency, you can also add up some coconut juice or purified water to be more liquefied juice rather than thick juice.

Materials To be Used:

  •  Blender Machine
  • A choice of your Fresh fruits or vegetables
  • Drinking water
  • Cutting board
  • Knife
  • Mesh strainer
  • Drinking glass or Container

Here’s the Step-by-Step Instructions:

Making Juice with a Blender

Making Juice with a Blender Step 2

The Output:

You can now enjoy drinking your favorite healthy natural fruit juices at your own home. You can also taste and see the difference and feel the texture. With the normal Smoothie, the taste is delicious yet some pulpy textures which can make you feel full and not easy to gulp in, but when you drink the blended produce using with the mesh strainer, the juice consistency is more delicious, easier to drink and more juicier. And if you want to serve cold, you can refrigerate a few minutes or add some ice.

Blended and Strained Juice

For this Smoothie creation I used Simple Detox Blended Juice Recipe:

  • 1 medium sized apple
  • 1 medium sized cucumber-
  • ¼ sliced fruit pineapple
  • 5 pieces Calamansi (squeezed juice)
  • 1 cup drinking water