Mary's Journey

Hello world, my name is Mary and I’m so glad that you’ve visited Naturally Proven’s site. I’m 33 years old, married and currently living in Bunawan, Agusan del sur, the place where the biggest crocodile in the world was captured popularly named as “Lolong” and I was born in Iligan City, the city of majestic waterfalls, with more than 21 waterfalls scattered around and in some forest areas and my biological family still lives here. Proud to be Filipino and I’m from Philippines.

I’ve graduated 4year BS-Computer Science. Since college until now, I have been facing computer all my life that makes me always just sitting down all day. I worked abroad for 5 years in semiconductor & pcb manufacturing company office. I’ve experienced going to the gym and playing badminton because of the influences by my friends, we played twice a week after work, but I was not so serious about it. I just play when I ‘m in the mood of playing, but if not I’ll just stayed in the dormitory find me eating, watching television, playing computer games, else just sleeping. So dull and lifeless. So unhealthy and I’m not really that active person, nor performs regular exercise and used to be as careless eater. Doesn’t care and doesn’t know about nutrition as long as the food is delicious I eat, don’t have diet regimens, eats oily food, chocolates, junk foods, drinks pop soda’s and loves coffee.

Years went by, my body pays for it, though I’m not sure what caused it but I do realized that I do live in unhealthy lifestyle. I was diagnosed with Benign Ovarian Cysts and undergo operation last 2013 and my right ovary was totally removed. Besides, we had a family history, my father died last 2010 due to his diabetes. Since then, I am so conscious about my health and on how to live healthier.

Recently I’m working with an online job at home. So I kept on searching and learning about healthy food recipes and began to love eating fresh fruits & raw vegetables or making them as salads. As I went through my healthy journey, I met Lorie I really learned a lot from her about the topics here in Naturally proven and influenced a lot by creating and drinking smoothies with organic fruit or vegetable juices. I had learned that it is much easier for our body to absorb the nutrients when you consumed fresh fruits or veggies that are juiced or blended rather than just eating them. I’m so blessed that I’m working while learning about healthy lifestyle. I will be glad to share with you my healthy journey moments, on my next blogs. Thank you for dropping by. Maraming Salamat Po!

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