My father-in-law has severe arthritis.  He has reduced the swelling in his hands and joints using coconut oil, but still has nagging pain everywhere. I am a firm believer in near and far infrared saunas to help get rid of toxins and in my research I discovered infrared is supposed to cure aches and pains.  Sitting in a sauna isn’t for everyone. I can’t find the time to sit in mine.  I found these handheld infrared lights that were suppose to give relief to aches and pains.  That is what all my relatives got for Christmas that year.  My poor family always gets some kind of natural health contraption for holidays.  As months went by and my mother said her elbow hurt, or my dad said his knee hurt and I would reminded them of their gift.  They finally used it and low and behold it worked and it worked well.  They began telling all of their friends to get one.  They couldn’t stop raving about it.

My best-friends mother altered my wedding dress for me last year and did not want any money for it.  So I bought her one.  She had been having issue with arthritis in her knees and she was using a cane to get around.  She did not use it for several months, when she finally used it she couldn’t believe how good her knees felt and she was upset she didn’t start using it right away.  My friend called me up to tell me this and also made the comment that maybe she should listen to some of my suggestions someday.  I have a bottle of coconut oil and apple cider vinegar with mother waiting for her, but she doesn’t want it yet.  Hopefully someday I will convince her.