Coconut oil has been gaining popularity, but it is still debated whether cold pressed virgin coconut oil is healthy or unhealthy.  My nutritionist and our doctor debated with me recently that it is not good for you because it is a saturated fat.   I tried to explain and even sent them information about the misconception, the nutritionist thought it was interesting.  It was once thought that all saturated fats were bad for your health, but in reality, it was the Trans Fats that were bad for your health.

My father-in-law is in tough shape. He has had arthritis for decades and it gets worse every year.  He actually broke a bone in his back and didn’t know it.   He went for an X-ray that they do to assess the damage the arthritis is causing and when the results came back the radiologist commented that his break was healing nicely.  Because of his brittle bones and his constant pain he didn’t realize that he broke his back.  He is now 60 years old and has stopped taking any of the medication he has tried for the arthritis.  Nothing was working and they came with so many side-effects he just gave up.   The only thing that made him feel a little better was when he was on a cycle of antibiotics, but you can’t live on antibiotics.   His knuckles were so enlarged that he hadn’t been able to wear his wedding ring for over 10 years.   I had him start using virgin coconut oil and his knuckles decreased so much that his wedding ring was actually loose.  He eventually ran out and didn’t purchase any right away.  His fingers were all swollen and painful within within days.   He started taking virgin coconut oil again and the inflammation was reduced.

Fast forward to his doctor’s appointment.  He was very excited to share the good news with his doctor.  He said ‘Doc, look at my knuckles’ , the doctor asked him what he has been doing.  He told him he was taking three tablespoons of coconut oil a day.  The doctor didn’t believe that the virgin coconut oil was the reason for the inflammation to decrease.  Then the doctor added, but that is a saturated fat and now your cholesterol will go up even more.   The blood test revealed that his HDL cholesterol was higher and his overall cholesterol was finally under 200.   The doctor did not believe that the coconut oil was the cause.  Six months later, he went in for another appointment and the cholesterol test revealed that it was even lower.   Until this day his doctor still does not believe it was the cold pressed virgin coconut oil, he thinks that he made a dietary change that caused it to happen.

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