Summer is coming and nothing ignites more energy, relaxation and tranquil feelings than to feel the warm sun on your skin. With thoughts of summer also comes thoughts of the waves on the sunny shore, the breeze of the fresh summer air, the warm sand under our feet and a beautiful dark tan. However not protecting your skin could result in sunburn.  An overexposure to ultraviolet radiation can cause a sunburn which consists of red flushed skin, fatigue, mellow dizziness and eventually blistering and peeling. Extreme exposure to UV radiation could even be fatal in some extreme cases and sunburns are the main reason for benign epidermis melanoma. Exposing your skin to moderate sun tanning increments melanin and allows your skin to shield against overexposure. Sunburn along with an increase in melanin production can result in DNA damage. The foremost preventative solution from sunburn as well as some variants to epidermis melanoma is a good skin protection strategy. It is important to figure out how you can protect your skin in a healthy manner and this can be accomplished by using virgin coconut oil or coconut milk.

Organic Virgin Coconut Oil for Skin Protection

Tropical countries like the Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia are well-known for their plenitude of coconut oil and are one of the world’s best resources of coconuts. Skin melanoma resulting in death in these countries is a third of what it is in the United States. The Philippines, Thailand and Indonesia are exposed to the hot tropical sun all year long. Researcher started investigating why skin cancer rates are so low in these tropical countries and found the common denominator is coconut. Coconut oil is the primary oil used in most recipes where other oils and butter are normally used in the United States. Coconut oil is also a common ingredient in the manufacturing of skin care products in these countries. Coconut oil creates a youthful appearance creating supple and wrinkle free skin, even under extreme climate conditions of the tropics with year round exposure.

Pure coconut products (virgin coconut oil, coconut milk and coconut water) contain short and medium chain fatty acids, vitamins and minerals. Virgin coconut oil can help hydrate skin and contains antiviral, antibacterial and antifungal properties that assuage skin issues, such as skin dryness, irritation, pimple inflammation, dermatitis, insect bites, eczema or even psoriasis. Another key ingredient in beauty products from tropical countries like the Philippines, Thailand or Indonesia is coconut milk it also contains lauric acid which will make your skin supple, cleanse pores, encourage radiant skin, hydrates and calms skin irritation. Coconut oil is likewise best utilized in body massage and is now prominently used in the majority of health spa’s worldwide.

I’ve been using straight virgin coconut oil as a skin lotion for years. It is actually cheaper than body lotions and doesn’t have ingredients that can’t be pronounced. Word of warning: You must wear pajamas to bed after using coconut oil or the oil will stain your sheets.

I have a very light complexion and I have been slathering on sun block for many years. I was diagnosed with extremely low levels of vitamin D and was taking 1000s of units of vitamin D pills daily and could never get my level over 25. My husband who is an advocate of the sun and not using sunblock, mainly because he doesn’t like anything greasy on his body, told me that I need more sun and to stop putting block on my body. I started experimenting with applying coconut oil on my skin when I went out in the sun and after coming in from the sun. I couldn’t believe that it protected my skin from burning and I ended up with a beautiful dark tan (well dark for me). That year was the first year that my vitamin D levels were normal. I also convinced my husband to allow me to apply it to his neck and back after he returns from a fishing trip, he is a believer too because he doesn’t peel anymore.

Paula-and-Marlene-CancunI suggested to my friend Paula that we use coconut oil when we went on a trip to the Dominican Republic. I told her all about the benefits and how it can help prevent a sunburn and if you do happen to get a burn it can turn it into a tan. She remembered my advice on a recent trip to Cancun with her sister Marlene. (Marlene on left, Paula on right) They went during the middle of the winter with no tan at all. They are from Portugal and every summer they have beautiful brown skin. By the second day Paula realized how much sun exposure they were getting without having a base tan. When she went to the bar she asked the bartender for a plain coconut with the top cut off. She told her sister Marlene to get one to put on her skin. Marlene thought Paula was crazy. Paula told Marlene that I had told her that it would stop a sunburn. Paula continued to apply coconut on her skin during the entire trip. On their flight back home Marlene was flipping through a magazine and stumbled upon a positive article about coconut for your skin. She took a picture of it, but did not show her sister because she didn’t want Paula to say ‘I told you so’. A few days later Marlene sent Paula pictures of her blistered lips, peeling body and this article. Marlene told Paula she should have listened to her older sister.

Summer skin care tips

  1. Limit sun exposure
    • The sun is the strongest when it is at the most elevated point in the sky.
    • It is suggested to limit sun exposure between 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.
  2. Watch the UV index or UVI

    • UVI measures the level of UV radiation.
    • The higher the UVI the greatest potential to harm your skin and eyes and and you should use sun protection and eye protection.
  3. Appropriate wear
    • Wear shades or sunglasses to secure your eyes from too much immediate heat of sunlight.
    • Wear protective attire to cover your skin.
    • Wear a hat with a large brim to cover your face as well as your upper form and shoulders.
  4. Use Coconut
    • Use coconut oil as a healthy sunscreen protection for your skin.
    • Apply gently on your skin using coconut milk or coconut oil to hydrate and assuage skin harm.

Caution: If you have been diagnoses with skin cancer you should use sun block with a high UV protection or consult your physician before using coconut oil as a sun block. If you are susceptible to sunburns, gradually experiment with coconut as a replacement for sun block to make sure it works for you.

Getting a sunburn is not good for anyone, it hurts, you can’t sleep, your skin peels, it might blister, it increased your change of getting skin cancer and it can also cause your skin to age and wrinkle. Even single blisters can double a lifetime threat of skin cancer. Perhaps, you had so much fun and excitement and you forget to put on your sunscreen you could simply try these

Natural Ways to Soothe your Sunburn

  1. Coconut oil for sunburn care and peeling prevention
    The very first thing you should do if you have a sunburn is to take cool shower. You skin can continue to burn and heat up for hours after you have been exposed to too much sun. You must also keep hydrated with plenty of water. Instantly after you step out of the shower apply virgin coconut oil slowly and gradually into your skin. Coconut oil has amazing benefits including short and medium chain fatty acids, and can nourish your skin with vitamins and minerals. Coconut oil will moisture your skin and clean out pores which bears dominant parasitic components, antimicrobial, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal qualities that assuage skin layers soreness manifested from the sunburn. On the other hand coconut oil possesses a fixed room temp; however, it doesn’t deteriorate from high temps or even decay like various other oils. You certainly will take pleasure in the fragrance with some aromatic tropical scent that could possibly leave you with some kind of comfort. Coconut essential oil also assimilates right away down to your skin layers it does have a greasy texture which also produces amazingly smooth skin. It is equipped with extraordinary antimicrobial elements to combat those hazardous microorganisms hooked up in your skin layers, furthermore it could actually preserve your skin from dehydration moreover it also hinders your skin from blistering and moistened your dehydrated skin.
  2. Apple cider vinegar to take the sting out of a sunburn
    Apple Cider Vinegar can reduce the soreness caused from Sunburn. You can create a mixture of ¼ organic apple cider vinegar and ¾ water and gently apply to skin with a soft cotton cloth. Another calming suggestion is to immerse your sunburned body into a bathtub of lukewarm water with a single cup of apple cider vinegar.

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